Searching for what I really want: according to the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag

What are we really looking for?

by yedidah on November 10, 2013


What are we really looking for?
This question stands at the center of our lives, our hopes, our dreams. It is the motivating force that drives us forwards. Yet when we consider it deeply we see several things: Firstly, that what we felt was important to us when we were younger may not be what we want now. Secondly, we may have attained what we thought we wanted, but although we were pleased when we got it, it no longer feels satisfying to us anymore and we feel the need to move on.
What causes this restlessness? Why don’t we feel satisfied? Something must be wrong. After all according to the Purpose of Creation God wants to give us all Good!
The answer is that we are looking in the wrong direction. Sorting out what we really want in our lives means relating to a little known part of ourselves, the soul. Rabbi Meir in Pirkei Avot (The Ethics of the Fathers) defines the goal we can aim for, which will really bring us lasting happiness.

Talk based on an article by Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag: Bircat Shalom, Sefer Hama’amarim and inspired by a shiur with my chevrutas , Effie and Asher, with thanks!

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