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The truth of Jacob

by yedidah on November 25, 2014


Zohar Toledot, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai:

The real truth is, Jacob never deceived anyone. He was incapable of deceiving anyone.  The Scripture testifies that he was Ish Tam a man of innocence, and thus we say in Micah 7, “Give us the truth of Jacob.”

The Torah gives us the bare record of the events in the early lives of Ya’acov (Jacob) and Esau,on the surface jacob seems to be the one who is deceitful. But the Zohar assures us this is absolutely not the case. What really happened? Why was the relationship between Jacob and Esau so difficult, and why did Jacob have to wear Esau’s garments in order to receive the blessings from Isaac?

In this portion of the Zohar we learn what the true natures of Ya’acov and Esau were,  their potentials and their limits. Ya’acov and Esau actually needed each other. We learn what  the blessings meant, and why both Ya’acov and Esau viewed them as being of the utmost importance. We learn why Rivkah intervened, and how Ya’acov took on a role he had not wanted, and in so doing saved the Jewish people and also mankind.

Ya’acov and Esau are the carriers of desires also to be found within each one of us. When we learn the real motives of Ya’acov and how he acted in truth, it helps us understand our own inner truth.

From the Zohar Toledot and Rabbi Ashlag’s commentary the Sulam on the Zohar

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