Moses smashes the tablets  of stone on the 17th of Tammuz

The sin of the golden calf : dealing with it today

by yedidah on June 25, 2013


The seventeenth of Tammuz, is a fast day which commemorates many tragedies,but they all started on the day when the children of Israel made the golden calf just six weeks after they received the ten commandments on Mount Sinai. On this day Moses broke the first tablets of stone that had been written by God .
What went wrong? To our eyes the making of the golden calf seems foolish . Why did they do it? When we look at it from the perspective of the Kabbalah as taught by Rabbi Ashlag we understand that the basis for the sin was that the Children of Israel were trying to receive the relation of God with their vessels of receiving, with their ego and thus they came into separation, instead of giving to God through faith
This has profound implications for us even today.

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