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The night of the Bride: A class on the essence of Shavuot

by yedidah on May 12, 2013


Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag is known as the Baal HaSulam, meaning the “Master of the Ladder” ( Sulam) . The Ladder refers to the steps one needs to take in order to come to dvekut, affinity of form with God. The reason we are separated from God is due to the will to receive for ourselves, which is our regular state of consciousness. This is the consciousness of “night” . It is a painful time during which God is hidden from us.

Nevertheless, it is though Torah and mitzvot which we practice during this time, that the soul, the bride, unites with God. The wedding canopy being the final redemption.

The deep connection of the festival of Shavuot, the time of the giving of the Torah with the final redemption is elucidated by Rabbi Ashlag in his commentary , the Sulam, on this beautiful piece of Zohar.

Here is a class given by Yedidah. The Aramaic and Hebrew is presented. The translation and discussion are in English.

You can access the text of the Zohar and Perush HaSulamĀ  here

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