Giving: the language of the Kabbalah

The language of the Kabbalah is the language of giving

by yedidah on November 23, 2013


The purpose of learning the Kabbalah is to learn a new language.¬† I don’t mean learning the vocabulary of Sephirot and other technical terms, I mean the language of connection with the Creator.

We start off in this world learning the language of receiving. When we are born into this world, the life school of the physical world is set up for us so we learn the language of the ego.

But satisfying the demands  of the ego separates us from the Creator, who is all giving. How can we learn to speak the same language? Learning the language of giving is learning a language which is foreign to our inbuilt nature.  So we are given the Torah and the mitzvot to help us form the vessels, the words and the letters that form this new language that connects us with our fellow man and with our soul.

From the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag and the Zohar.


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