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The forces within us

by yedidah on October 25, 2013


When we receive in this world, unless it is for the benefit of the other or because we have earned it in some way we feel shame or embarrassment.

The Baal HaSulam, Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag portrayed this problem in his work Matan Torah. It is like a rich man who sees a poor man in the market place and gives him all possible food, drink and money. Every day he gives him more gifts adding to that which he has already given him. But when asked if he has any requests left the poor man answers, “I wish that all these gifts had come to me from my own hand and not through charity.” The rich man replies,”here I cannot help you.” The receiver feels embarrassment when he receives something for nothing from the giver. Only if he earned the wealth himself would the receiver feel comfortable.

Our original nature causes us to want to receive everything good to get pleasure. Yet when we do we feel shame. How can we come to receive all that God wants to give us according to the Purpose of Creation in such a way that we feel we have earned it?

Listen to the podcast to learn the different forces within us and our purpose in the tikkun of the creation.

From Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb’s commentary on Matan Torah of the Baal HaSulam.
Podcast about 18 minutes.

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