The binding of Isaac: Avraham, Yizhak and the angel

The binding of Isaac; the completion of love

by yedidah on November 13, 2014


The fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob make up the Merkavah, a Hebrew word meaning “chariot” . In our modern language we could translate this as a vehicle for the light and love of God, receiving it and passing it on to others.

Being their children, we also have within our potential, the vessels they brought to the Merkavah.

The act of the Akedah, the binding of Issac, was the most important  rectification of the Merkavah, in that it united and completed the elements of both Abraham and of Isaac;  Abraham, the embodiment of the  Sephirah of chesed , loving-kindness, with Yitzhak the embodiment of the  vessel for the  manifestation of the light of God.

One doing the binding, the other agreeing to be bound. Avraham and Yitzhak take on roles opposite to their own innate natures; Avraham using the vessels of Yitzhak acting with stern judgment, and Isaac wrapping himself in the vessel of Avraham, yielding and giving.

Rabbi Ashlag in his commentary on the Zohar, indicates that the  unification they achieved  is of the same essence as the unification of the night and the day;  as on the first day of Creation, ” and it was evening and it was morning, one day.”  Looked at in its true  light, the Akedah was an act of  the fulfillment of love, which we, as their children inherit.

From the Perush HaSulam Zohar Vayera paragraph 484 and Berishit 1 paragraphs  356-7

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