Jerusalem, the city of David, the soul

My soul, Jerusalem

by yedidah on July 29, 2014


Jerusalem: the city of David, the epitome of beauty.  In the Kabbalah, Jeruslam is a representation of the soul, also called the Shechinah, the in-dwelling presence of God within us.  By looking at the concept of the city, as the source of governance, the focal point of the country, we can see how the soul also needs to be our own governing center.

In these three weeks, culminating in Tisha Be Av, when the historical Temple was destroyed, we mourn the fact that we are not governed by the soul. We are not allowing her to develop, to govern, to be our focal point;  and she also needs rebuilding. It is an opportunity to look within and see what our lives would be like both individually and collectively if we were governed by the soul.

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