God showed Abraham Isaac and Jacob the multitudes of the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt

He keeps His promise

by yedidah on April 9, 2015


Blessed be He who keeps His promise to Israel. (Haggadah)

Following the redemption of the children of Israel at the Red Sea when they saw the enemies drowned on the shore the Scripture states,

“And Israel saw the great hand which HaShem had wrought in Egypt. And the people had awe of Hashem and they believed in haShem and in Moses his servant.”  Exodus chapter 14.

In a remarkable and wide-ranging discussion, the Zohar makes some observations on this text that are pertinent for us today:

That the power of faith in HaShem can overcome even the mighty power of evil; that the innocent bystander is not in fact considered innocent if he doesn’t speak out in the face of evil, and that ultimately God’s promises to our forefathers are upheld.

In this time when again the words of the Haggadah, ring again with their truth

“And this is true for our forefathers and for us that not one only stood against us to destroy us, but in every generation they rise up to annhilate us , but the Holy Blessed One delivers us from their power.”

Our faith which was an essential part of the redemption then, will be an essential part of the complete redemption, may it come soon in our days, Amen.

In this podcast we study the text of the Zohar Beshalach,  paragraph 185 in the Perush HaSulam with grateful thanks to my chevrutas Dr Susan Jackson, Dahlia Orlev, Timna Segal, Leah Weinstein, Ofra Perl, Jodie Lebowitz Davis, and Mia Sherwood with whom I had the privilege of learning this article .

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