God is my strength and my song

God is my strength and my song….(He is also my friend and my brother)

by yedidah on April 25, 2014


The song that Moses and the Children of Israel sang after their deliverance from the Egyptians  at the Red Sea is a song of the joy of redemption. It is a song of great beauty. The  Sages of the Zohar, known as “the Companions”, discuss its inner meanings in detail.

In this lesson, we will focus on  the inner meaning of one of the phrases of this songת ” God is my strength and my song, He will be for me a salvation.”   עזי וזמרת י”ה ויהי לי לישועה .In a more or less direct translation from the Hebrew, we dive into the Zohar itself, listening-in, as it were, to the discussion of the Sages, as they gradually unfold the inner meanings inherent in this verse. The meanings reveal themselves as being both lofty, dealing with Man’s creation and purpose, and surprisingly intimate as they also touch on each one’s own unique relationship with the Creator.

Translated from the Zohar Beshalach Perush haSulam paragraphs 230-250 by Yedidah Cohen

 With grateful thanks to my chevrutas with whom I had the privilege of studying this article with me on Pesach: Binah, Susan, Dahlia, Leah, Timnah, Aliza and David

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