Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag blessing according to Kabbalah

God blessing Man, Man blessing God

by yedidah on August 22, 2014


“…and He will love you, and bless you, and multiply you” ( Deuteronomy 7,13).

The Creator’s desire is to give all blessing and goodness to us. Actually this is all He does, as He is good and does good.

However, the Scripture continues, “And you will eat and be satisfied, and you shall bless the Lord, your God, for the good land He has given you.” How do we bless God? What does it mean for us to bless God and what does such blessing do?

This question is discussed in the  Zohar:

“It is written that you shall eat and be satisfied and bless the lord Your God.” It is with these blessings that a person brings forth, with these words, the bounty from the highest source, which is Binah, and then all the spiritual levels and sources of the Ze’er Anpin and Malchut are filled with light to give to all the worlds and all are blessed together.”

Thus what begins as one -directional;  man receiving  from God, becomes a holy dialogue, in which the goodness of God is acknowledged and thanked. This dialogue then becomes a fruitful conduit, for the  flow of God’s bounty,not only  to the one who blesses, but to all humanity as one.  Together.

From the Zohar on Ekev paragragh 1 and Rabbi Baruch Ashlag’s Al HaTorah Parshat Ekev
With grateful acknowledgment to Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb who inspired this learning.

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