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Called to Prayer

by yedidah on January 3, 2016


“Then Yehudah drew near to him, (Yoseph) and said: ‘Oh my lord, let your servant, I pray you, speak a word in my lord’s ears,'” (Genesis 44:18)

It is with these words that one of the most moving and dramatic episodes of the Torah opens. “And Yehudah drew near to him”; the Zohar teaches,”in prayer”.

There are many sad and broken people in the world, but it does not come to all of them to pray. Why not? When a person’s heart wakes up to pray it is because the Divine is calling him. This is the greatness of  HaShem, who is calling to us, “Come close to Me, come and pray.”

We may feel that the impulse to pray is coming from within ourselves, but this is not the case. It is HaShem, the Creator of the world,  who calls to  us, as a father calls to his beloved child, to turn to the One  in prayer, and this is a redemption in itself.

Podcast inspired from the Zohar and the work Bircat Shalom, articles  by Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

With grateful thanks to Mordecai (Yoel) Shoot whose questions sparked this study.


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