Prayer from the heart

Prayer: its ascent and its effect

by yedidah on June 20, 2014


All over Israel people are gathering to recite psalms or offer up prayers for the safety of the three kidnapped children. The outpouring of prayers from all sectors of the community, secular as well as religious is unprecedented.
In the face of worry and anxiety for the safety of the three boys, we turn naturally to prayer: Prayer as song, prayer as whispers, prayer as hopes voiced in words.

Using our own words in our own language, or the well-trodden paths of our ancient prayers, we raise our words up to the Holy Blessed one, askingĀ  Him to watch over the three boys, Ayal ben Iris Teshurah, Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah and Gil-Ad Michael ben BatGalim.

Why does prayer work? This question is naturally stirred , when we turn to pray. Prayer is often seen as a last resort. But the Sages teach us that its power is immense .

From the teaching of Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag on the Zohar Vayakhel.

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