The holy Zohar says,

Rabbi Yehudah opened his discourse, “the Scripture says (Psalm 100:2), “Serve the Lord with happiness, come before him with song” and indeed we have learnt that we need to be happy in our service to God so as to serve Him with true desire. In this way our work will be whole.

The questions is: How can this requirement of being happy apply when we are talking about a situation  in which a person has sinned against God by transgressing  one of commandments of the Torah, and now he is repenting before God ? In this case the person comes to God with a broken and a sad spirit. How can he feel joy? (Perush HasulamVayikra 109-115)

Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag looks at this question in terms of the question: “What am I looking for? ”

It transpires that this question is the heart of the dilemma. For by analyzing deeply our connection with God we can come to see that our sorrow over our distance form him is actually a gain in awareness.  The fact that it is God Himself who has enabled us to experience wanting to come closer to Him  as a  true desire, is in itself a cause to rejoice.

This podcast is dedicated for  a Refuah Shlema for Alla Bat Rifkah. May this Torah learning bring her a true healing.

Article excerpted from Sefer haMaamarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag Vol 4 article 25 


Shame is a consequence of our Divinity

Shame is a precious feeling

by yedidah on August 20, 2013


One of the problems of the work of the month of Elul is the language of confession, sin and repentance. We want to get closer to God. We understand this as being the message of the month of Elul.  But the emphasis on looking at areas in our lives where we have messed up and the feelings of shame this arouses, is difficult for us all.

The Sages, however,  see the feeling of shame as something positive! Shame wakes up in us when we sense a discrepancy between our acts and our potential, and it has the power to bring us to true Teshuvah.

Talk inspired from Ani l’Dodi, writings for the month of Elul, by Rabbi Chaim Sabato with understandings from the Kabbalah of Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag


From the depths I call to You.

by yedidah September 25, 2012
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The psalmist calls out to God from the depths of his heart.  We too access those depths on Yom Kippur . The Zohar explores the meaning of depth and teaches how Return and  Forgiveness  were given as a gift by God before even Man was created.

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Teshuvah- Coming back to our true selves

by yedidah September 20, 2012
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We are now in the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur when the theme of Teshuvah reaches its height. Teshuvah is a God-given gift to us calling us back, showing us the way home. Often translated as repentance it really means “returning to our inner selves”. By the Sages, the term Teshuvah not only […]

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The Joy of the Month of Elul

by yedidah August 20, 2012
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Elul is the month when God’s closeness is revealed to us and the soul , our true Self can reconnect with God

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