Jerusalem city walls. Building our inner Jerusalem: Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag

Why did God go?

by yedidah on July 24, 2015


When we come to Tisha B’Av, now, in 2015, we truly need to ask, Why are we mourning? For Zion is repopulated and the city thronged with people.
Yet when we consider what the presence of the Temple meant 2000 years ago before the destruction we begin to understand what this day of  mourning is really about.

“Make for Me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within” ( Exodus 25,8) says the Scripture. The sanctuary in Jerusalem was a living experience of God’s presence within the city and the nation.

Since every human being is  considered as  a whole world, each one of us needs to embody a sanctuary for God’s living vital presence within ourselves. Yet mostly we don’t experience God’s light as such a reality. Why not? Why did God go? Why is our inner sanctuary not functioning?

These are the questions we need to ask this Tisha B’Av and through our mourning create a desire, a vessel  for God’s inner light to shine out form within each and everyone of us. Thus fulfilling the dictum of the Sages, ” All who mourn for Jerusalem will merit to witness her joy.”

This podcast is based on the teachings of Rabbi Baruch Ashlag Sefer Hama’amarim and is dedicated to  my mother Chaya bat Sara for a Refuah Shlemah



Jerusalem, the city of David, the soul

My soul, Jerusalem

by yedidah on July 29, 2014


Jerusalem: the city of David, the epitome of beauty.  In the Kabbalah, Jeruslam is a representation of the soul, also called the Shechinah, the in-dwelling presence of God within us.  By looking at the concept of the city, as the source of governance, the focal point of the country, we can see how the soul also needs to be our own governing center.

In these three weeks, culminating in Tisha Be Av, when the historical Temple was destroyed, we mourn the fact that we are not governed by the soul. We are not allowing her to develop, to govern, to be our focal point;  and she also needs rebuilding. It is an opportunity to look within and see what our lives would be like both individually and collectively if we were governed by the soul.


Rebuilding our inner Jerusalem

by yedidah July 4, 2013
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Jerusalem implies dvekut, unity with God This period of the three weeks of the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago teaches us how to rebuild our inner Jerusalem today., from the teaching of Rabbi Ashlag

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