deep in prayer. Forgiveness from the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag

What do we ask forgiveness for?

by yedidah on August 25, 2016


When we look back on our lives, we find many things we wish we had done differently.  Yet ultimately everything that transpired did so according to the will of God.  So what do we need to say sorry for?

This question was asked by the great Kabbalist Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag. He considers a saying of the Sages of the Talmud,

” The evil inclination would prevail over a person every day and if God does not help him he does not manage to overcome it. “

This would seem to suggest that we are not to blame for our sins. In which case what is the real sin?

In this article, Rabbi Ashlag looks at the source of our mistakes, and shows us that the real sin lies in our not asking for help from the Creator to deal with them.  We need to believe that not only God wants to  help us , but that He really can!

This podcast is dedicated for a Refuah Shlemah to my mother Chaya bat Sara Leah.

From Sefer Hama’amarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag ( article 4 תשמ”ח)



God spoke to Abraham and Abraham heard

And God spoke to Avraham

by yedidah on November 6, 2014


And God spoke to Abraham.

Since the flood, silence. God had not revealed himself to mankind again. What was He waiting for?

On the finish of the Creation, the words of the Torah are, vayhal  Elohim, “and God finished”  But the Holy Or HaChaim, Rabbi Ibn Atar, tells us that these words also have the connotation of God “yearning” for Man.  What was He yearning for?

The answer comes when we consider why God spoke to Abraham. What made Abraham different from all the other members of his generation that God should speak to Him?  Even more poignant is the question is, in what way had Abraham prepared himself so he heard the voice of God? Why does the advent of Abraham mark a new beginning for mankind, a new consciousness, to the extent that the Torah suggests that the entire Creation was waiting for his coming ?

As we study the Zohar on this question, we begin to understand how to  discover our own inner Abraham.

My thanks to my Chevruta Leah Weinstein pointing out the Perush of the Or haChayim; and to my Chevruta Jodie Lebowitz who patiently learned the sources with me.

Zohar from Perush haSulam Lech Lecha, paragraph 1


Where is God?

by yedidah July 15, 2013
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Where is God within us? This is the remembrance of the destruction of the our inner Temple. The Zohar teaches us that the real destruction and exile is the absence of God in our lives. From the teaching of Rabbi Ashlag

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