The chanukah candle lights us from within as well as from without. Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

The Chanukah candle within.

by yedidah on December 7, 2015


“The three components of the chanukah candle are the vessel itself, the wick and the oil. All three elements need to be present to receive the flame of Chanukah.”

Thus Rabbi Baruch Ashlag starts an amazing letter on the elements that make up the equivalent of the Hanukkah candle within each and everyone of us. The light of Hanukkah is the revelation of God’s goodness in a direct and unequivocal way, such that the weak overcame the strong, and the few the many.

Yet the story that symbolizes the whole miracle is the story of the candle. Naturally this candle should have  given out its light for one day only, but it gave out its light for  eight days. An event beyond the natural world, an event beyond logic or philosophy. A direct revelation of God’s light.

Similarly in our own lives, we yearn for the direct revelation of God’s light. Rabbi Baruch  Shalom Ashlag teaches the inner components of our own inner candle for the flame of Chanukah  to be ignited within us.

This podcast is based on a letter of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevei Ashlag taken from the book Bircat Shalom, Mamarim bavodat HaShem al derech haemet.

Dedicated for a Refuah Shlemah to Chava bat Shifra Hinde

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The chanukiah is placed in the doorway opposite the mezuzah

Illumined by faith: Chanukah

by yedidah on December 3, 2013


When we have explored every avenue but we still can’t do something, we feel only a miracle can help us. Something that is within our power, even if it is hard is not considered a miracle.

Before we start on our inner work, the notion of giving unconditionally in order to be in affinity of form with the Creator sounds good. We feel we could do it; we only have to want to. However, when we try in actual practice to do good without wanting anything back at all, we find we come across an unforeseen adversary, ourselves. Somehow, we don’t seem to be able to overcome those aspects of our ego that want to stop us giving to the other person unless we get something back for it. Then we know we need a miracle. This is the miracle of Chanukah.

The Gemorrah discusses the correct placement of the Chanukah candle. In Jerusalem and Safed it is a common sight to see the Chanukah candles outside the house opposite the mezuzah. What does this mean for all of us regarding the light of Chanukah and our inner work?

From the Bircat Shalom Sefer HaMaamarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

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by yedidah December 10, 2012
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Rabbi Ashlag teaches us that a human being is considered as a small world. The elements of the Bible stories are to be found within each one of us. So inside each of us we have the element of the Children of Israel and the element of Pharoah. We have the element of Jacob and […]

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