Torah: a Source of Balance

by yedidah June 22, 2016
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We have two ways of relating to the goodness that the Creator gives us: receiving or giving. But these two functions are very often mutually opposite, each feeling that its own way is the correct way, even though such function is often incomplete. But a greater harmony and balance is achieved by co-operation, thus causing a third, middle way to emerge. The Torah itself comes forth from and guides us to this middle way.

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The story of the Children of Israel in Egypt is our story

by yedidah April 17, 2016
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Rabbi Ashlag teaches the redemption of the Children of Israel from Egypt as an on-going process within ourselves. He teaches that Egypt is within us, personified as our egoism, and this constitutes our bondage. The elements of the Pesach preparations and Seder night guide us so we can also celebrate our own redemption by the Hand of the Almighty with joy.

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Becoming Adam

by yedidah March 27, 2016
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Becoming Adam implies coming to resemble the Creator in His loving kindness and unconditional love. But how can we fully embody this? From the Kabbalah of Rabbi Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag

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True unity

by yedidah February 15, 2016
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When the children of Israel encamped at Mount Sinai, the Sages teach that they encamped “as one man with one heart.” It is from this teaching we understand that the revelation of God to the people at Mount Sinai was dependent on their being united What does this unity imply? How do we achieve unity while still respecting our individuality? Rather than look at this idea in a philosophical way, Rabbi Ashlag taught unity in the most practical way possible, by encouraging mutual love, support and responsibility between his students. His advice then is still good now.

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Dealing with Pharaoh

by yedidah January 20, 2016
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“In every generation, a man is obliged to see himself or herself, as if he is coming out of Egypt.” Every single day we mention the redemption from Egypt in our prayers. The coming out of Egypt, is not a one- time historical event, but a present reality for each and every one of us. Each one of us has within us our own personal Egypt. The word Egypt in Hebrew is מצרים which means narrow or constricted places. Each one of us has our own limitations that we need help in overcoming. We need our own redemption. From the Torah of Rabbi Ashlag.

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Called to Prayer

by yedidah January 3, 2016
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Prayer is our connection with our Source. Yet there are many sad and broken people in the world who yet do not call out to the Divine for help. Rabbi Ashlag teaches us that the very turning to God constitutes a Divine call to us. Zohar

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