One for God and One for Azazel: Yom Kippur from the Zohar

One for God and One for Azazel: A talk for Yom Kippur

by yedidah on September 11, 2013


The choice is set before us. How to choose? There is the way of service to God versus the way of the ego. But these choices have consequences. In the Temple service on Yom Kippur this choice was demonstrated to the Children of Israel through the special sacrifice of the two he-goats. The one whose lot fell to Azazel shows the way of suffering, which is consequent on the use of the will to receive for oneself alone; the other illustrates a life given up in the service of God and one’s fellow.

From the Zohar Acharie Mot and the Perush HaSulam of Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag

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