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looking inside is a forward step

Dealing with ourselves: the first steps

by yedidah on August 6, 2015


Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag tells a parable in which different elements of ourselves are reflected.  Through this parable we can see that we it is perfectly possible for us be quite blind to our own negative traits. Not only that, but they are damaging us in ways that, if we were aware, we would immediately take steps to rid ourselves of them.

No-one wants something that will damage him or her.

Looking inside ourselves to see where we are damaging ourselves through our wills to receive for ourselves alone becomes a matter of curiosity; an exploration, opened up to us through the light that is in the Torah, through the encouragement of our holy soul and by the intervention of the Holy Blessed One. It is the first step on the road to teshuvah, coming back to ourselves.

King David, the sweet singer of Israel, encapsulated this journey in his psalm 51;

“Behold You desired that truth be in the hidden places and in the concealed part You teach me wisdom.”

This podcast (15 minutes)is dedicated to my mother, Chaya bat Sara Leah for a Refuah Shlemah, a perfect healing, by Elizabeth and Jonathan Topper